Folk Ale

Your Folk Ale Needs You!

The first General Meeting of the Friends of the Folk Ale will be on Saturday 3rd September, 2.00 pm at Markbeech Village Hall.

Folk Ale 2016 is over and a jolly fine time was had by all. The dates for next years Folk Ale are Thurs 1st – Sunday 4th June.

However, if Folk Ale 2017 is going to happen, it needs a lot more people to get involved in the organisation and management of the event.

We therefore propose to set up a Folk Ale organisation based on co-operative principles. You can subscribe to become a member of this organisation here. .

<Friends of the Folk Ale>

You also have an option to register to attend the inaugural General Meeting of the new Folk Ale organisation, to be held on 3rd September at Markbeech Village Hall. Please select this option to register your attendance as we do need to know in advance who is  intending to come. We are hoping that camping will be available at the Kentish Horse – please indicate if this is of interest to you when registering.

<Register to attend meeting on 3rd Sept>

Our first task as an organisation is to appoint small teams to cover the various roles and responsibilities associated with organising and running the festival. You can view the proposed organisation structure, team responsibilities and roles here:

Word document: Folk Ale Organisation

PDF: Folk Ale Organisation

If you would like to put yourself forward for any of the teams and/or roles described, but you are unable to attend the meeting on 3rd September, please complete our questionnaire

If you experience any difficulty with the links, please contact

There will be a subscription fee associated with membership of the organisation, but this will not be collected until it is clear that we have sufficient support for the festival to continue.